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Do you like to spoil your pet? What better way to do it with this smart device. It is a pet robot that has a reward system. It has 5 stimuli based on artificial intelligence and a system that avoids obstacles automatically.

This toy helps prevent your pet’s anxiety while reducing the risk of accidents and disorder in your home. 

Scheduling Times

Aside from Manual Play Mode, you can schedule playtimes and treat tossing times with the Scheduling feature.

Automatic Drive

Avoids obstacles and plays with your pets. It can move in various motions and make sounds to engage them as well. Freely adjust speed, sound, and movements based on your pet’s reactions.

Manual Play

Easily control with the VARRAM App. Move around with a virtual joystick and choose from a variety of preset motions. And with a tap away, you can toss treats and play various sounds to engage your pet!

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