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We are in a world where what we think of as science fiction became reality. TheMotherBox introduces the first wireless charger that can truly wirelessly charge your device. There is no contact required.

Wireless electricity of the sort envisioned by Nikola Tesla seems to be the charging ideal which the world is striving toward. Who wouldn’t, after all, love to be able to plop down their smartphone without having to plug it into a wall socket, set it on a charging pad, or dig for the appropriate cable? Given the acute lack of such chargers on the market, you would be forgiven for dismissing true wireless charging as a pipe dream.

Enjoy watching your favorite show, use your favorite app…all while keeping charged at the same time. No more interruptions. No more tangled cords. No more low battery mode syndrome. The MotherBox can charge multiple devices simultaneously and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



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